Course on the operational use of ECDIS

We offer training in the basic theory and use of the Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) for those in charge of a navigational watch on vessels equipped with ECDIS. Our aim is to enhance navigation safety by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to fully utilise the features of ECDIS. We have chosen a functional, not product-oriented approach due to the fast development and complexity of ECDIS systems and MMIs. Our instructor fulfils the requirements laid down in section A-I/6 of the STCW Code.

You can participate in our course to enhance, update or supplement existing training materials. You can also take it in order to improve quality and effectiveness of training courses offered by educational establishments. When you have completed our course, you will be able to use ECDIS for your navigational watch. You will know how to:
— operate the ECDIS equipment
— use the navigational functions of ECDIS
— select and assess all relevant information and take proper action in case of malfunction
— state the potential errors of displayed data and the usual errors of interpretation
— understand the functions and limitations of ECDIS

We use an ECDIS set with a simulated sensor input position, course, speed and depth for the demonstration of ECDIS. Your virtual ship moves along the chart. A multi-mode marine training system containing the essential ECDIS features is also used. You can check on your progress by taking our especially designed exercises and tests. We teach the course in English or Bulgarian according to your needs.

Maritime policy

We offer consulting in the following fields:
— European and Black Sea maritime policy
— environmental management in the Black Sea region
— valuation of environmental resources

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